The Hastings Aerodrome

The Hastings Aerodrome is a dedicated training facility for fixed wing pilots, glider pilots, helicopter operators and jet operations, supported by Air Transport Operations. It’s located adjacent to the small township of Bridge Pa two kilometres south of the western suburbs of Hastings and four kilometres from the Hastings City centre.

Also based at the Aerodrome is a gliding club, skydiver club, two helicopter operators, aircraft avionics and engineers, and two aerial agricultural operators. There are also hangar leasing opportunities, an aircraft servicing and sales business, and many privately owned aircraft along with a group of amateur aircraft builders.

Having this rich mix of aviation clubs and businesses surrounding the flight school gives our students a deeper appreciation of the employment opportunities and career pathways in the aviation industry.

The airspace

The Hastings Aerodrome operates in an uncontrolled airspace. This has four main benefits for students learning to fly with us.

The runway

The main runway is 3500 feet long, sealed and has night lighting installed. The parallel grass runway is 3000 feet long. The grass and seal cross runway is about 2000 feet long. Fuel and oil are available onsite. There are two instrument approaches into Hastings and up to six different instrument approaches within five minutes from takeoff at Hastings. All approaches are available for instrument training.

Videos & 360º views

360º Panorama

Hastings Aerodrome