Gain Your Pilot Licence

A pilot licence is the pathway to a career in aviation as a commercial pilot.

Before you begin, you’ll need to consider which courses will best prepare you for your chosen pathway in the aviation industry.

You’ll also need to consider which flight academy has the training opportunities to get you the right qualifications. Factors to consider are the duration of training, provider credentials, location, support and fees.

Why choose us to earn your pilot licence?

Take your pilot licence to new heights

In addition to the Diploma course, our students can achieve extra log book hours and commercial air transport experience through our unique Internship programmes. The following internship programmes are optional and do have prerequisite conditions. These programmes are only available for students who succeed in their first year of study.

• Instruction under supervision within the second year (up to 100 hours)
• Single Engine Air Transport Operation endorsement
• Introduction into Turbine Operations

Better employment opportunities

Your NZ CAA Licences (ICAO) is an internationally recognised pilot licence around the world, giving you the opportunity to work almost anywhere. Pilots are in demand, they earn a good living and get the chance to travel as part of their work. Our graduates work for airlines all around the world.

Read more about your employment opportunities.

Student loan funding available

You don’t need to be a school leaver to apply for a student loan to gain your pilot licence. All domestic applicants can apply for this funding.

The current government policy around student loan borrowing for domestic pilot training requires students to pay a proportion of their study costs. Essentially, the student loan covers approximately 80% of the course fee. The balance needs to be paid from personal funds.