Commercial Pilot Employment Opportunities

Your employment opportunities as a commercial pilot are diverse in the aviation industry. Right now, pilots are in demand more than ever, as commercial airlines return to normal schedules. There’s never been a better time to gain your pilot licence and launch a rewarding career.

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Careers in aviation

Once you gain your Diploma in Aviation, there are many career pathways to explore in the industry. Pilots earn good pay and get the opportunity to travel the world.


Use your training to teach more people how to fly.

Tourism operations

Take passengers on scenic flights, skydiving trips and more.

Specialist aviation activities

Pilots are needed for services such as top dressing, aerial surveying and photography.

Air charter

Charter flights include private passengers and freight.

Medical flight and aeromedic

Transport patients around the country for specialist medical care.

International, National and Link airlines

Fly passengers around the country or the world as a commercial pilot.

General aviation

Your qualification and training also opens pathways to careers in the civil aviation industry, including airline operations and management, corporate aviation, airport management and government aviation operations.

Part 121 Airline Operations

Entry Level

Animal Tracking

  • CPL
  • E.g. Fish finding, Bird tracking, Mustering

Fire Spotting

  • CPL

Coast Guard

  • CPL
  • Volunteer Only

Scenic Flights (Small)

  • CPL
  • 5 hours on type (VFR)

Glider Towing (Recreation)

  • PPL
  • Glider tow rating
  • 100 PIC

PPL/CPL Flight Instructing

  • CPL
  • Flight instructor rating

Agricultural Pilot

  • CPL
  • Agricultural rating

Skydive Pilot (Piston)

  • CPL
  • Parachute drop rating
  • 150 hours PIC

Float Plane (Small) Scenic/Charter

  • CPL
  • Float plane rating

Glider Towing (Part 115)

  • CPL
  • Glider tow rating
  • 200 hours PIC
  • 50 hours on type

IFR / Aerobatics / Multi-engine Instructing

Aerial Surveying / Aerial Photography

  • CPL
  • Multi-engine experience

Skydive Pilot (Turbine)

  • CPL
  • Parachute drop rating
  • Tailwheel experience
  • 500 - 1000 hours ideal

Part 135 (Small) Air Operations

  • CPL
  • MEIR
  • IFR: 750 hours

Flight Examiner

  • CPL
  • Flight examiner rating

Air Ambulance

  • CPL
  • MEIR with IFR experience
  • Industry experience

Part 125 (Medium) Air Operations

  • CPL
  • IFR: 1200 hours
  • Industry experience


Internship pathways to employment

Some of our graduates who enrolled in the Internship Programmes have logged over 400 hours, putting them close to the 500 needed to work as a commercial pilot and enhancing their career opportunities.

The New Zealand Pilot Licence you gain from completing your studies is recognised internationally and many of our graduates now fly for airlines around the globe.

Improving career outcomes

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