Learn how to become a pilot and launch your career in aviation

Learning how to fly and gaining your pilot licence is an investment in your future.

 Pilots are in demand globally, they earn a good wage and get the opportunity to travel as part of their work. A New Zealand Pilot Licence is internationally recognised and easily transferred to other countries, giving you employment opportunities around the globe.

Why choose us to learn how to fly?

We’ve trained pilots for almost a century and have a respected reputation in the training industry. Our flight training courses and unique internship programme gives our students the opportunity to get qualified with over 400 hours logged in the air.

Our graduates are highly sought after by commercial airlines and other aviation industry businesses. Most of our graduates are employed across the globe in various sectors of the aviation industry and are enjoying successful and rewarding careers.

We offer and provide:

Flight training

Our reputation for world-class training and turning out quality candidates through our internship programme is resulting in a higher success rate of employment for our graduates.

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A New Zealand Pilot Licence is an International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Pilot Licence. When you qualify as a pilot in New Zealand you obtain a New Zealand Pilot licence which carries widespread international recognition.

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